Beryllium Advantages




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ExoTec Precision processes both pure beryllium and beryllium/aluminum composites. The advantages of both materials are listed below. It should be noted that pure beryllium offers the highest performance but beryllium/aluminum composites offer very similar performance while saving approximately 40% in material costs. Customers should weigh these options and consult the factory for applications support.

Pure Beryllium
  • Lighter than aluminum
    • Density two-thirds that of aluminum
  • Stiffer than aluminum & steel
    • Young's Modulus four times that of aluminum
    • Young's Modulus one and half times that of steel
  • High melting point
    • Melting point 2352°F (1289°C)
    • High thermal conductivity
  • Suitable for aircraft constraining cores, one fifth the density of other suitable materials

  • Specific stiffness
    • Young's Modulus/density is seven times that of the closest alternative material
Beryllium/Aluminum Composites (AlBeMetŪ162)
  • AlBeMet 162
    • Beryllium 62%/aluminum 38% composite
  • Lighter than aluminum
    • Density 78% that of aluminum
  • Stiffer than aluminum
    • Young's Modulus 2.8 times stiffer than aluminum
  • Thermal conductivity
    • Closer CTE to nickel than beryllium for nickel plated optics
  • Applications
    • Cost in between aluminum and beryllium
    • Alternative methods of production e.g. casting, welding
    • Scope for varying composite percentages