Facilities and Capabilites

beryllium workers


The ExoTec Precision manufacturing facility is designed to support low volume prototype production through high volume manufacturing. Our plant is a full service operation. All processes including machining, diamond turning, plating, heat treating, polishing, and optical coating are controlled and optimized by our experienced technicians. We employ lean manufacturing strategies to best optimize production flow, while keeping costs as affordable as possible.

Investment in Manufacturing Facilities
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • High precision equipment
  • 8,500 ft2 facility
  • 30+ employees
  • Nearly 3.5M investment
  • Provision to increase machining facility
    by 2,500 ft2

Manufacturing Capabilities
  • Machining
    • Milling, turning, drilling, EDM Wire, CNC spark erosion
  • Plating
    • Chemical conversion coating to
    • Electroless Nickel to AMS 2404D
  • Heat treatment and environmental
    • Furnace up to 1000C
    • Chamber -100C to +200C
  • Smoothing and polishing
    • Sizes up to 600mm dia.
  • Smoothing λ/8 and Polishing λ/20
    • Diamond turning
  • Vacuum coating
    • Chemical conversion coating to
    • Gold, enhanced silver, aluminum, YAG, dielectric