Optical Coatings

ExoTec Precision offers a variety of precision optical coatings using the most advanced optical coating chambers available. Our in-house design team can optimize coating performance to meet the most demanding requirements and environmental restrictions. Our coating facility is capable of producing low volume prototype runs to high volume production batches. A partial listing of our capabilities follows. We welcome the opportunity to provide custom coating solutions for specific applications.
  • Gold, enhanced silver, aluminum
  • Various dielectric films
  • High Damage Threshold laser coatings
  • Low UV through far IR films
  • E-Beam and IAD coating systems
Our advanced coating facility includes the following equipment:
  • Leybold 3 (Box)
  • Leybold 2 (Box)
  • Leybold APS 1104 (Fully Automated IAD System)
  • Balzers Lab 900 (Box)
    • With (IAD) Ion Assisted Deposition
  • Balzers 710 (Bell)